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Music is what we know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered by mixing beats, tempos, rhythms, and melodies. We are committed to discovering the creativity artists possess and bringing them to new heights in the industry. 

Starting With a Beat


As experienced producers in the industry, we know how to rearrange and mix sound to make great music. Once we've worked together to create your distinct sound, we help you get your music in front of labels and establish your image. 

Marketing Your Image


Nowadays, everything in our culture is visual. A fantastic EP can only get you so far; you need an image to go with your music. Your passion and love for what you do is what will connect you with your audience, so we want to support you and your vision. 


​​Lenny J Lanigan - 2018 

Jim Abercrombie and Richard Wheeler have released their first musical colaboration in over 30 years. "Lenny J Lannigan" is the name of the group. "Ignition" is an instrumental injection, a sample of the melodic medicine to come from the duo.

David Peterson -  1960-2018

For dad record is dedicated to my father Charles H. Peterson Jr. He saw the gift in me at a young age and inspired and enabled me to pursue my music. “Forever in the Days” was written with dad sitting in the living room as he struggled with a long bout with Alzheimer’s. This song is what I imagined he would want to sing to my mom had he been able.
“When You’re Gone” was my final tribute to dad which was written while he was dying before our very eyes… It was probably the most difficult song I have ever written to date. I want to thank “Ab” for giving me the melody on “When You’re Gone”.
Seven of the songs were inspired by actual females, three I knew close up and personal. The fourth was merely an image on the computer screen. I want to thank these women for giving me something to write about.
“Guy’s Song” is the other collaboration with “Ab” bringing on the melody once again. It is the only song that I do not play an instrument on the recording.
“After Me” was written quickly as a music opp on but actually tells of my life as it is.
I want to first thank Jim Abercrombie for his belief in me and his dedication to the fulfilling and completion of this project which was the release of my first solo record.
Many thanks to Chuck Mauk whom we’ve never met but is a major part of the record.
John Wentzien as well was a major player on five of the songs. As a master of the bass guitar with his flavorful signature licks.
Longtime acquaintances Chris Anderson and Darryl Paul put in a good showing on three of the songs. Special guest appearances

by Luc a Crème from Canada and Conga Tom from Foley Alabama on two separate songs.
We hope everyone gets as much out of this record as we did writing and recording it.
Many thanks to all, Davo

David Peterson AKA "Davo" Born in 1960 in Pensacola Florida middle son of 9. 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. 3 older brothers and 1 older sister. His dad bought him a guitar in 1979. In the early '80s he was given the name DAVO in Elberta Alabama and formed "The Davo Combo" with friend and songwriter partner Jeffrey "Jeffro" Jenkins. Davo lived in Los Angeles California from September 1984 to March 1987 then moved back to Alabama where he played clubs with Jeff, Daryll Paul and Jim Khirney in the "Off Limits Band" where they continued to write and perform originals in their sets. Davo took a hiatus in 2002 and upon his return the band would never perform again. Jeffro died in 2011 of a heart attack. Davo continues to keep Jeffro's dreams live by working on songs they wrote together along with new material. Now recording at
Dog Kiss Records with long time aquaintance and now good friend Jim "Ab" Abercrombie. The first release with Ab was "Forever In The Days" with accompanying video on youtube in mid 2014. It was written for
his dad who has full blown Alzheimer's. Their mission is to write good songs for marketing purposes.
Influences include: Hank Williams Sr., The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty to name a few...

Seizure 69 - Jim Abercrombie - Guitars, Damon Savich - Vocals

The technique used in every Seizure 69 songs is commonly known as "I wash and you dry" Jim Abercrombie writes the music beds/instrumentals and then Tom Williams aka Damon Savich writes all of the lyrics, vocals, and all vocal melodies and harmonies etc. All vocal tracks all vocals by Tom Williams aka Damon Savich.

Special guest appearances: Brian Howell on Bass and Mike Shiver on Drums

Dog Kiss Records brings you the bombastic guitar and vocals oriented "Heavy Melody" band... "SEIZURE 69". With the hard-hitting EP, "The Sleeper" and the full length offering, "Forgotten Son", SEIZURE 69 is off and running on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, Deezer, YouTube Music Key, Shazam and Siri iPhone. Jim Abercrombie (Music) and Damon Savich (Lyrics, Vocals, Vocal Melodies, Vocal Harmonies, All Vocals) have been very prolific musicians over the years. Their first and only collaboration in 1984 with the song “Trilogy” was released by Kross in the late 80's but was never recorded by Jim and Tom. The rest of their material used the I wash and you dry technique with songs like “Spider Lady” and “Where Can I Find Love”.
As the two collaborate to re-Master most of their early works and put the  finishing touches on many more recent ones, they have also resurrected SEIZURE 69 Demo tracks originally recorded from 2001 and 2005 sessions. The new LP "They Only Come Out at Night" (available February 2015) and another full-length follow up "Gemini Project" are headed your way.It should be noted that the amazing cover-girl/model EMMA BROWN is currently featured on cover(s) of “They Only Come Out at Night” LP.

Kross - Jim Abercrombie - Guitars, Randy Harris - Guitars,

Mike Devlin - Bass, Beau Nicholson - Vocals, Chris Anderson - Drums

Dog Kiss Records and Kross are thrilled to announce the release of the re-mastered album from KROSS “Have a Nice day” , available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, Deezer, Youtube Music Key, Shazam and Siri iPhone. Have A Nice Day is a powerhouse of sound from this metal quintet. From the opening attack of “Welcome to th Wax”, the darkness of “Threshold of Pain” and the melodic crunch of “Sheet Metal Nightmare”. This album will leave you pounding your fist for more. This is no death metal band but metal in its true form with hard driving guitars, vocals and drums. These songs along with PCS, Overjolt and Arsenal are a welcome punch to the brain for the driving listener. Recorded at Windmark Studios Virginia Beach in 1989 with engineer 

Dave Runstedler and produced by KROSS.

MAMAHEAD - Jim Abercrombie - Guitar, Keys and Vocals, Chris Anderson - Drums, Keys

and Vocals, Jim Khirney Guitars and Vocals, Cris Singleton - Bass and Vocals

MAMAHEAD’s founding members Jim Abercrombie and Chris Anderson formed the band in 1992. Together with Jim Khirney and Cris Singleton the 4Star Daydream would make music together for years. Including a band ten years later with that very name. MAMAHEAD has an electric mix of metal, textured Beatle’s like rock, symphonic influences courtesy of Pink Floyd along with Abercrombie’s emotional guitars. Abercrombie and Anderson also worked together in “KROSS” and would later reform as “4Star Daydream”
Dog Kiss Records has re mastered all known surviving tracks at this time. Video footage of MAMAHEAD in San Francisco, Ca. Oct. 27-31 1994 exists and is currently being gathered and edited for viewing at the Dog Kiss Records website.

4Star Daydream - Jim Abercrombie - Guitars, Keys and Vocals, Chris Anderson - Drums, Keys and Vocals, Jim Khirney - Guitars and Vocals, Cris Singleton - Bass and Vocals

4Star Daydream is Mamahead 10 years later.

Uncle Fletcher - Jim Abercrombie - Guitars, Lee Cobb - Bass,

Jim Khirney - Guitars, Beau Nicholson - Vocals, Mike Shiver - Drums

All songs written by Uncle Fletcher

"Come Along" and "Crazy" Lyrics by Richard Wheeler

Recorded and Mastered by Bill Roberts in January 1998.

Jim Abercrombie - Jim Abercrombie Rare Solo Insanity -

Planet Baby Monkey: Abling with many guests: Carrie, Tyson, Tony,

Beau, Skip, Mike Danger, Alfons Bach II... Much fun and craziness!

Available only ​through email request.

Stingtone 314 - Is a 5 song collection of guitar instrumentals.

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